Robot Photos Robot Photos AWS7 first fight in her title defense at AWS 7 2205426 AWS? The last time she ran with big servos 2205427 Nanto v1 20g Nanto is the smallest fighting robot on the planet 2205442 Anto XP1HP Experimental 1HP version of Anto that did work but not all that well, on top you can see the Gyro, yes Brushless drive and a gyro was cool 2205443 Tanto v4 during the build 3828123 Tanto v4 at its last event 3828100 Tanto v4 the gearbox from hell, u have no idea 3828124 Tanto v3 the best frankly but it got beached too easily 3828125 Pinser, Tanto and TX-108 live event static display 3828141 Tanto v5 20mm hardox plates 3828126 UK Champs 06 3828127 Tanto UK Champs 3828128 Tanto v4 3828142 Tanto in Ireland 3828143 the crew in Ireland 3828129 Tanto v3 3828130 THz Damage Damage caused by me on the legendary THz 3828144 3828131 vs Kan Opener 3828145 Pitted ha 25 seconds 3828132 In swindon lid off and you can see the eteks 3828133 3828134 3828146 Tanto v1 3828147 3828135 3828136 3828148 3828149 Tanto v2 all aluminium same internal set up as Tanto v1 3828137 Tanto XP the new featherweight 126006214 Anto3 the latest version of Anto3 Stainless steel body 126006215 Tanto v5 the latest version of Tanto, now retired 126006216